The Discoverers' Lens: A Photographic History of the Simple Microscope 1680 - 1880

Raymond V. Giordano, 2012
(Hard cover, 334 pp.)

This stunning collection of 127 instruments curated by author Raymond V. Giordano showcases the craftsmanship and detail work dedicated to the creation of these magnificent specimens. The volume's large 9-by-13-inch format accommodates extravagantly large images allowing as much detail as possible to be studied through 185 pages of color photos of the instruments and their accessories from a variety of angles. Read more...


Compass Chronicles

Kornelia Takacs, 2010
(Hard cover, 176 pp.)

This beautifully designed, large format, hard cover book is a guide through the wide range of antique pocket compasses, with colorful illustrations and detailed descriptions throughout. Various other types of magnetic compasses are covered, such as escape, wrist, fob compasses, and even sundials to name only a few. The majority of compasses described in this book were manufactured between the mid-1800s and early 1900s. Examples reach back to the late 1700s. Read more...


New Method of Division for Mathematical and Astronomical Instruments

M. le Duc De Chaulnes, 1768

Translated from the French by Peter de Clercq, bound together with a relevant chapter of Randall Brooks' doctoral thesis "The Impact of the Duc de Chaulnes Scale Dividing Techniques." The Duc de Chaulnes’ innovations and achievements in the development of the circular and linear dividing engine have always been overshadowed by those of Jesse Ramsden.   This was the result of his success based on two main factors — Ramsden’s superior mechanical skills and his understanding of mechanical processes which led to his receiving an award from the Board of Longitude in Britain. Read more...


Stoeffler's Elucidatio

Stoeffler's Elucidatio - The Construction and Use of the Astrolabe

Translation by Alessandro Gunella and John Lamprey, 2007
(Hard cover, 249 pp.)

Nearly five hundred years ago, one of the most popular books ever written on the construction and use of the astrolabe, Elucidatio fabricae ususque astrolabii, was authored by Johannes Stöffler (1452-1531), a professor at the Tübinghen University in Germany. At last, a modern edition of Stoeffler’s Elucidatio is now available, and in English. Read more...


Stoeffler's Elucidatio

Hartmann's Practika

Translated and edited by John Lamprey, 2002
(Hard cover, 310 pp.)

Georg Hartmann lived from 1489 to 1564. For over forty years he designed and constructed the astrolabes, armillary spheres, sundials, globes and quadrants that are now the pride of some of the world's most prestigious museums. This book is a translated version of Hartmann's original notes and sketches. Read more...



The Astrolabe

by James E. Morrison
(Hard cover, 438 pp.)

The Astrolabe is the most complete astrolabe treatise available. It includes the description, history, use, theory and design of all types of astrolabes and several related devices, updated to modern methods and terminology. Application of computers to astrolabe design and practical advice on making an inexpensive working astrolabe are included. Read more...

Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art

by Robert E. Greenspan, M. D.
(Hard cover, 596 pp.)

Medicine: Perspectives in History and Art is the story of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and quackery revealed through art, anecdote, and instrumentation. This book is intended to allow you to experience medicine personally through the quotes, letters, and art of physicians, patients, nurses, writers, painters, and poets who encountered terrible diseases that, for the most part, have disappeared from the pages of modern medical texts. Read more...