Submit Your Book

We encourage the submittal of manuscripts to the Classical Science Press for review and consideration by the Editorial Review Board. If the board determines that a submitted manuscript will benefit the scientific community, they will recommend it for publication. The criteria under which manuscripts are considered will fall into the following categories:
(1) Level of importance to the history of science community.
(2) Degree of new material and information being disseminated.

The authors of the approved works will incur no costs associated with bringing the works to print. It is our intention to pay the authors for each volume printed, prior to sale. Once the editorial review is completed and the material has approval for publication, the format and presentation will be discussed with the author; once an agreement is reached and publication begins, the authors will be paid on a per-volume-printed basis. Email us today if you would like to submit your manuscript for consideration.

Email us at to begin the process.

We are interested in having a submittal of an English translation for the following books. Email us at if you are interested.

  1. Maximilian Bobinger – Alt-Avgsbvrger Kompass Macher, 1966
  2. Joh Repsold – Zur Geschichte der Astronomischen Messwerkzeuge, Vol. 1., 1908
  3. L. Ambronn - Handbuch der Astronomischen Instrumentenkunde, Vol.1.  Berlin: J. Springer, 1899